Jason C.


These are guides about how to manage your personal Bitcoin wallets. Before creating these, some people told me they found it difficult to setup a personal wallet. I wanted to have a reference to send friends about reasonably secure methods they could use. I also don't believe in security through obscurity. I wanted to present my security model to make sure it stood to public scrutiny. Please send me feedback at [email protected].

The first article gives an overview of different wallet types and levels of security. As it goes through it gives links to the other guides which have implementation examples. There are lots of other tools that can be used, like hardware wallets, which this doesn't (yet) cover. I've already gotten feedback that these guides are tailored to people with a technical background and that average users will find some sections difficult, so YMMV. Also, this guide is for Bitcoin Cash, but could be used for Bitcoin as well (just replace Electron Cash with Electrum).